1. Grab people's attention with short and straight to the point videos

Attention spans are short these days (8.25 seconds on average), and social media feeds are more crowded than ever.
uChop allows you to instantly highlight and share an unlimited number of short video extracts- up to 3 minutes - from your conference, workshop or other live events at the click of the button.
This could consist of powerful quotes or panel interactions from your speakers.

2. Make your event go viral by leveraging your speakers and audience as advocates of your events.

Viral network
Many keynote speakers and breakout session facilitators have their own extensive and active networks, both on- and off-line.
This is a very user-friendly option that allows your audience to create and distribute short videos at their fingertips. This can make your content go viral and reach wider communities and networks.

3. Gain valuable insights from your event.

uChop gives you a better understanding of your audience and discover what topics resonate with people.

4. uChop integrates with your favourite video hosting services, such as YouTube, Vimeo...

And allows you to take advantage of its live editing and publishing capabilities while keeping your videos on your favourite YouTube channel.

5. Bring back your videos to your website and drive more engagement

To valorise your videos, uChop allows you to easily build a customised integrated video portal. uChop is the best ways to integrate and easily manage your videos directly on your website. You will be able to quickly highlight your best content to engage and retain your audience.

6. Join the change-maker community.

uChop integrates fully with Gapeli. Gapeli is a dedicated and interactive one-minute video platform designed to deliver high-quality content. It connects like-minded users from the global development community, delivering your content to a global audience.
Gapeli informs, inspires and engages people who want to make an impact on the world’s biggest challenges with a special focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.